Project Malaria

Nhyira Medical Relief Corporation (NMRC) recognizes that, women’s sexual and reproductive health needs are greatest in countries such as Ghana. We also share a conviction that great untapped potential exists within Ghana to deliver on the promises made under the Millennium Development Goal 5 – to improve maternal health by reducing maternal deaths and providing universal access to reproductive health.

Through the Malaria Prevention and Treatment in Pregnant Women project, NMRC proposes to focus on four objectives that will transform how it intervenes in the public and private sectors to promote greater equity in Ghanaian women.

  • Objective 1: Identified and strengthened health facilities in selected places
  • Objective 2: Selected Health facilities capacity built through capital investment and training
  • Objective 3: Screened pregnant women for malaria
  • Objective 4: Selected Ghana Health Service facilities capacity built through training, monitoring and supervision.