Our Facility

The Nhyira Acute Care Facility has 22 beds and has provided 24/7 care since its opening. The facility is equipped with a medical laboratory and pharmacy. On staff are 2 doctors, a physician’s assistant, 3 midwives, and 8 nurses. The most common diseases our doctors treat include malaria, typhoid, dehydration, diabetes, hypertension, and cholera. Our team […]

Medical Laboratory

Nhyira Clinic is capable of offering our patients greatly enhanced diagnostic services. Our fully automated chemistry analyzer can run critical chemistry profiles on patients in addition to diagnosing the most common ailments, like malaria and cholera. The Nhyira Medical laboratory is the only lab within a ________radius with these diagnostic capabilities.

Medical Education

According to the World Health Organization, Africa bears 25% of the global burden of disease, yet only has approximately 3% of the world’s healthcare workers. African communities suffer simply because they cannot access medical care from trained personnel.  This means that those in rural communities have virtually zero access to proper healthcare.  When doctors go into residency…… Providing […]

Mobile Outreach

Nhyira has plans to operate a Mobile Medical Outreach Service in more remote locations in Ghana. Grant funds and donations will enable us to provide these services to those with no functional health facilities and no ability to reach our health facility. Our community outreach team will conduct drop-in services a few times each month […]